Friday, 21 September 2018
Keep you ASSAULT guns....Gimme that SPOON.


How do we have "Assault Weapons"? Well according to Webster Dictionary we cant. If you don't believe me please see the exact definition below. Assault is an action. Aren't action words verbs? So doesn't that mean I could assault you with a .......say soft taco? Well I could. I can take any inanimate object and use it to inflict harm on another person and that is the definition of assault. So why is there all the hype about Military looking weapons? I still haven't figured that one out yet. In the military they have a name for their equipment and most of it does special things as their mission dictates. The military has full automatic weapons. That by rough definition means when the trigger is pulled and held to the rear position then it will continue firing until the trigger is released. The civilian equivalent can look IDENTICAL but it will not function the same. When you pull the trigger you get one projectile fired no matter if you hold the trigger or not. You only get one. So in essence, as a civilian you are getting a Camaro but with a 4 cylinder engine...

 Back to the issue. Just because something looks like it is bad doesn't mean it is. And just because it sounds bad doesn't mean it is either. The use of anything is determined by the USER. If the USER decides to use it for bad reasons it is not the items fault. Therefore there is NO such thing as an assault weapon! I have attached a link for an Army ranger who killed a terrorist with a spoon. Where is the OUTCRY against Assault Spoons when they could be used in the civilian world next?

assault-noun as·sault |  ə-ˈsȯlt   

Definition of Assault 

(Entry 1 of 2)

1a: a violent physical or verbal attack

b: a military attack usually involving direct combat with enemy forces an assault on the enemy's air base

c: a concerted effort (as to reach a goal or defeat an adversary) an assault on drug trafficking


a: a threat or attempt to inflict offensive physical contact or bodily harm on a person (as by lifting a fist in a threatening manner) that puts the person in immediate danger of or in apprehension (see APPREHENSION sense 1) of such harm or contact — compare BATTERY sense 1b

b: RAPE entry 1 sense 1



assaulted; assaulting; assaults

Definition of Assault (Entry 2 of 2)

transitive verb

1: to make an assault on : to attack violently assaulted a police officer

2: RAPE sense 1The victim was sexually assaulted.

intransitive verb

: to make an assault

Posted on 09/21/2018 8:21 PM by Mike Alexander
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